Sunday, August 07, 2011

Basics, Stalkers, and Flashes

I love learning basics of photography that I never knew before. I also love hearing about basics that I may have forgotten or delving deeper into one that peeks my interest.
Just lately I have been on rather frequently and have picked up so many tips that would otherwise have taken me many years and a large amount of mistakes to figure out. I am so grateful for such a great outlet to learn from.
I also stalk people on their blogs (which isn't illegal, because they have a 
 follow button on most blog websites. (I love that they cater to people like me.) If you haven't been to this website then I suggest you go and check out their resources... It's worth the time to learn your craft without having to make all the mistakes.

I know I learn form a visual form (as many others do) and it doesn't really help too much to get books and read them if I can't see physical application.
I finally got a new flash (it was time to upgrade) and I had no idea what I was doing... Even after reading the manual and a "dummies" book on the thing, I still had no idea what was going on. I watched 1 creative live session on lighting and it clicked. I know it's worth it to me.
So, now that we know I have just figured out flashes, and by the way I love them, I will be experimenting with them in every session I get a chance (that includes outside sessions).
I do have a couple experimental photos that i can throw in here to let you see what I have done. The one thing I know I have to work on myself is distance with a flash (it makes all the difference.)
This one was fine lighting, but it helps with the shadows when using the flash.

Here you can see that with the shirt it is a little much in the way over blowing out the color, 

and then a little muted without the flash... 

These are SOOC, so they aren't technically what I would normally show.
I love being able to look back on my past photos and seeing how much I have learned and maybe grown from them.
Happy shooting...