Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joshua and Jennifer Got Married...

Joshua and Jennifer {Married}

I am in love with this wedding! They are so in love and it was visible all throughout the day. This was such an amazing day. I spent the whole day with them, and it was so memorable for me. All the little details of their wedding made it that much more special. This wedding was full of laughter and joy, and it's warms your heart to be around the two of them.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Chris and Jenna Got Married...

Chris and Jenna {Married}

This blog post is special to my heart for more than the photography. I had the pleasure of being able to shoot my sisters wedding. One of the moments in life that you treasure and are sure to never forget. She was stunning on the day and she radiated all day long.
When she walked down the isle to Chris, it was magical. All the elements had come together and there they were, finally saying "I do".

5 Hard Lessons Learned...

Lessons Learned so you don't have to make the mistakes.

Well, I will start off by saying, I am not a seasoned professional and I will probably have many more posts like this one to pass on before I feel even the slightest bit comfortable with the word 'professional'. We started this company for the passion of photography. Because somewhere deep inside we thought our passion was going to keep us going. Well, here we are 4 years later, and we are still learning the hard way.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kyle and Michelle Got Married...

Kyle and Michelle {Married}

I have known them both for all of about 3 days now after second shooting their wedding and it was a spectacular wedding. I couldn't have asked for a better sunset with all the lighting. They made taking their photos so much fun and inspirational. 
You both make me smile...

The Hiatus

The BIG Plan

The longest hiatus I have taken from photography yet. Don't get me wrong, I still took a ton of photos, but they weren't sessions for clients they were for my family and helped me get back to understanding who I am as a photographer.