Monday, June 24, 2013

Chris and Jenna Got Married...

Chris and Jenna {Married}

This blog post is special to my heart for more than the photography. I had the pleasure of being able to shoot my sisters wedding. One of the moments in life that you treasure and are sure to never forget. She was stunning on the day and she radiated all day long.
When she walked down the isle to Chris, it was magical. All the elements had come together and there they were, finally saying "I do".

With families coming together to be one... it was sweet to see the traditions already starting. They were beautiful.

And their love is so evident and sweet.

It was the handmade details that brought it all together.

It's when you love someone so much, that you spend every waking moment thinking about them and talking about them. I hope you all are blessed beyond your years. I love you both.


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