Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twins {L} and {C} were born!

Welcome to the world...

Having a baby will change your life. Well, try having 2! This wonderful family, who already had one little one running around, just had 2 amazing little ones to add to the bunch. 
My cuddles were in overdrive with this session. It was heaven on earth to be able to snuggle with them all day, and even get mommy and daddy into the mix.

They are as little as they look and smaller. I loved the little features. 

Their little heads are smaller than your hands...

And look at this gorgeous mama who just had babies!!!

And I love that they got into the photos and made them so much more wonderful...

Thank you again guys for letting me love on your little ones for the day. 
And a big thank you to my wonderful assistant for the day who I would not have been able to do anything without. Thanks again Jenna.


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

I get inspired...

I get inspired by many things, and I try to see what inspiration can come from different things. I get inspired by people, places I see, others photography, and even something simple like a piece of fabric. It motivates me to grow and expand my thinking of photography into an art. But inspiration is sometimes hard to find. I have been struggling lately with inspiration and comparing myself to others who are 'getting more clients', 'posting ALL THE TIME', 'growing their businesses', 'creating unique brands' and just doing everything that I am not. I tend to dwell on the fact that others are making it, and I can't seem to get anyone to want me to take their photos.

Growing A Business

Business time...

Growing a business is always a bit nerve racking. There are so many variables, and so many choices you make as business owners hoping you don't regret them in the end.