Sunday, September 01, 2013

Growing A Business

Business time...

Growing a business is always a bit nerve racking. There are so many variables, and so many choices you make as business owners hoping you don't regret them in the end. 

As our business has grown and progressed it's become closer to who we are and what we represent. The choices don't get easier to make, they just get easier to understand how to reveal who we are. We love our clients. They represent us. When we are choosing to upgrade our website or change up our blog, it doesn't mean we aren't aware of who we are, it just means we have more insight into how to better represent us on media outlets. 
I use to feel like we were changing things up too fast, because we didn't figure out our brand before we started photography. We didn't have things nailed down to show us as a team, and then as time went on I decided we really needed to sit down and figure out who we were in order to attain the clients who share the same design and image. 
It was almost grueling to think about who we were and what we had grown into in the years since we started. But once we figured it out, it also seemed like a slow process to create this image and share it with you all. 
I think we feel ourselves coming out in our brand and are better able to be ourselves in our work. The best part of it is that we are always growing, but now it feels like we are growing in the right direction.

One direction I am happy to announce for our business is PASS. I don't know why it has taken us this long to start using it. It's something that makes our lives so much simpler. I only just started using it, and I am already loving it in every way. I know it will create a whole new look for us and still feature us. 

If I could say anything to our younger selves starting this business it would be "slow down, figure out what represents who you are, and reveal that in every aspect of the business." (along with a few other things, but that will be for another post.)


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