Sunday, September 01, 2013

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

I get inspired...

I get inspired by many things, and I try to see what inspiration can come from different things. I get inspired by people, places I see, others photography, and even something simple like a piece of fabric. It motivates me to grow and expand my thinking of photography into an art. But inspiration is sometimes hard to find. I have been struggling lately with inspiration and comparing myself to others who are 'getting more clients', 'posting ALL THE TIME', 'growing their businesses', 'creating unique brands' and just doing everything that I am not. I tend to dwell on the fact that others are making it, and I can't seem to get anyone to want me to take their photos.

Well, in the words of Jasmine Star. 'Don't let it get you down, just keep shooting and stay fabulous'. I haven't focused on just shooting lately. I have been so worried (a little worry is healthy, because it keeps you growing) about our brand, and putting ourselves out there in a way that would make people notice. Well, who wants to notice someone who isn't posting photos (even if they are just of random 'oranges hanging from a tree'). I know I have heard her say it over and over (mainly in her Shooting Star videos) that you can only become fabulous if you practice practice practice, and don't worry about what others are doing. (it can be hard not to).
So, my new motivation for myself is to stop focusing on what other photographers are doing (that I am not) and focus on our 'brand' coming from inspiration of shooting everything. So friends and family, get ready for some camera in your face! (and possibly random people who are looking way too photogenic not to shoot). 
I love how our photography community has become a share all, grow all kind of atmosphere, and it makes me want to grab my camera right now and shoot something (even though it's POURING outside!)
Thanks for listening/reading the rants...


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