Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting Back to the Beginning

Well as we all know and have read, there is someone doing more, being more, and creating more! Don't you just hate them? I have been focused on the wrong person for so long that I had forgotten what started this passion and drive. I wanted to be good enough to capture my kids and not hate the quality of the photo 15 years from now. I wanted to expand my photography skills and maybe work with some precious newborns. Which brings me to my point. Sam has always been in love with wedding Photography and all the aspects of it, but my fear always held me back from weddings. I have come to discover that as much as he loves weddings, I love newborns! Don't get me wrong I would love to be there and help out with weddings and if need be I can throw down just as much as the rest of them. I also really prefer the engagement sessions, but I was drawn into photography by newborns. Their little toes and fingers. The way they can bend every way. The precious moments that will never return! I love all things newborn and I have decided that I want to focus our brand on wedding and Newborn photography.
It feels good to have one aspect of my dream start to take form and thanks to Jasmine Star, the whole 'follow your dream' (although not a new concept) was put into perspective and made to shine a light where it needed to shine in my life.
I mean who wouldn't love to work with little faces like these...

Or such cute poses...

It's hard to change something, but I know God blesses a willing and trying heart, and therefore I know as long as He gets glorified by all this then that's all that matters!


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Basics, Stalkers, and Flashes

I love learning basics of photography that I never knew before. I also love hearing about basics that I may have forgotten or delving deeper into one that peeks my interest.
Just lately I have been on rather frequently and have picked up so many tips that would otherwise have taken me many years and a large amount of mistakes to figure out. I am so grateful for such a great outlet to learn from.
I also stalk people on their blogs (which isn't illegal, because they have a 
 follow button on most blog websites. (I love that they cater to people like me.) If you haven't been to this website then I suggest you go and check out their resources... It's worth the time to learn your craft without having to make all the mistakes.

I know I learn form a visual form (as many others do) and it doesn't really help too much to get books and read them if I can't see physical application.
I finally got a new flash (it was time to upgrade) and I had no idea what I was doing... Even after reading the manual and a "dummies" book on the thing, I still had no idea what was going on. I watched 1 creative live session on lighting and it clicked. I know it's worth it to me.
So, now that we know I have just figured out flashes, and by the way I love them, I will be experimenting with them in every session I get a chance (that includes outside sessions).
I do have a couple experimental photos that i can throw in here to let you see what I have done. The one thing I know I have to work on myself is distance with a flash (it makes all the difference.)
This one was fine lighting, but it helps with the shadows when using the flash.

Here you can see that with the shirt it is a little much in the way over blowing out the color, 

and then a little muted without the flash... 

These are SOOC, so they aren't technically what I would normally show.
I love being able to look back on my past photos and seeing how much I have learned and maybe grown from them.
Happy shooting...


Friday, July 29, 2011

No Internet for 24 Hours...

So, the other night I was thinking about the computer and how much time I have spent on it lately.
It's way too much!!!
So I decided to take 24 hours off my computer. It's sad to say, but it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Not only did I not get on the internet, but that also meant no editing! Which is not a good thing, when that is your business.
I just felt like I needed to be productive in my house and spend quality time with my daughter. So, with this mission in mind I had to set some guidelines to help myself succeed.
1. Any time I thought of something to do on the computer I would list them on paper so I didn't forget and I could do it 'tomorrow'.
2. If I don't charge my computer (because it almost constantly needs charging with all the programs I am running, usually) then it will be harder to just jump on and off.
3. If i felt an urge to get on it, I would clean something else. I wouldn't let myself sit and think about the computer and everything I had to do.
4. I would play with my daughter and have fun with her.
(And we had so much fun!... I mean who could resist that face?)
She is such a smiler and loves the camera (which is good, because I think she thinks it's part of my face.)

She is a mover and a shaker and I don't foresee it slowing down anytime soon.

Let me just say, it was one of the most productive and fun days I have had in a while. I was so excited when the day was over, and not because I could use my computer 'tomorrow', but because I felt accomplished in more ways than just photography wise.
I loved hearing my daughter laugh at me chasing her, and talk/babble to me while we were playing house (almost like she was bossing me around).
It was satisfying to see all my laundry and dishes done. To see my kitchen and living area clean and livable.

I know I will have to do this more often (but not so much that I loose my sanity!)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breakfast, kiddo, and responsibilities.

Okay, so I am not much of a blogger, but I do love to talk and if I can't see you face to face then this is the next best thing.
This adventure is flying by. I feel like it was just yesterday that we started our business, and I feel like there is so much more for me to learn.
Like the fact that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". I have heard that all my life and it never stuck. I don't know why, but I just don't believe it. I have some very important dinners and lunches, and I feel like they go by the wayside. I kind of feel bad for them. I want them to get as much recognition as breakfast does.

I know that this sounds silly, but I haven't really found my favorite breakfast. I have eating so many things, but nothing has come close to making me want it every morning. I just can't imagine waking up and wanting to eat the same things over and over again (ie. cereal, eggs, oatmeal...).
Side story... I just realized this morning while rummaging through my fridge to make a cream cheese bagel, that the other day when I was in a hurry to make something to eat and go. I made a bagel and cream cheese. I was in a hurry so I slapped it together and wrapped it in a paper towel. It stayed in the car for a while (it was like 92 degrees that day) and when I came back out I remembered it. I was so hungry so I just decided to eat it. Within the first bite I knew something was slightly off, but I was too hungry to care. Well, back to this morning rummaging through the fridge to find the open container of cream cheese I opened that day. I couldn't find the open container... Where could it be. I have two unopened ones and then I saw it... The open container of SOUR CREAM! I  was shocked. I thought surely I would have realized I ate a bagel with SOUR CREAM on it. That's when I remembered I was too hungry that day to care what I was eating!!! Oh man, of all the things I have ever eaten that were horrible for me, this has to top them all!
wow, major rabbit hole... If I have grossed you out too much, I hope you can keep reading...
I have a little one, if you don't know by now. She is such a blessing. She is so easy to deal with and just lately she has learned some sign language so now she can tell my what she needs without making such a fuss. I really recommend that each parent teach some basic signs (that children can pick up easier than you will know). She is such a smarty and I am so proud. She hasn't learned to walk yet, and I still get asked "wow, she isn't walking yet, well so-and-so was already walking and talking at her age"... All I have to say is, She will when she is ready. She doesn't find a need to walk now, and I am just loving still being able to chase her and win. I know when she learns to walk it will be much more difficult to follow after her.
She is also the biggest monster to our dog. She teases him and beats him up, but he is just glad that she feeds him human food (something we are trying to stop). For the most part they get along great, and he is very loving for someone who is tortured daily.

Well, if you know me at all you know I have many responsibilities. My life requires much of me, and so far it's nothing I can't handle (of course Jesus is a big factor in handling those for me). Lately we have been opening our brand of photography to grow the business, and it's been interesting. I feel at more of a peaceful place with the business and it seems to be opening up to great clientele. I can't imagine doing anything else right now. I just love being able to meet all these amazing people.
Most of the responsibilities come from this business, and I am fine with it.

I know that rambling on and on without an image to break up the monotony is rather cumbersome, but bear with me, I will reward you in the end.
So, the latest session I did, was actually a favor for a friend. I attended her baby shower the other week and took my camera along to 'practice', also I wanted to give her some shots of everything so she could remember the day. I loved the theme... bugs. They did such a great job with it. So as not to tease you anymore, here are some of the shots I took...
These bug strawberries were so adorable...

All of the food had something to do with bugs, which would otherwise sound gross, but it was super cute!

These are all the lovely ladies that attended

Such a cute way to display the name of the baby!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, and the rest of the album is up on the website if you would like to see more. 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 Project/Day 9 "TIME"


So contemplating my life here in England I always come back to the same subject, Time. We never have enough of it, we are always trying to save it, we let it slip away without knowledge that it's happening, and we always try to figure out what to do with it. Time can be our best friend or our worst enemy. 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

365 Project/Day 7 "LOVE"


My family and friends radiate the love of Christ to me.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update: Cloth Diapers 2

So I haven't updated my post about cloth diapers in a while and I have some different views now than I did back then. So here goes...
I am still in love with them. They are the best decision we have made with her so far. I have since had a problem with rashes, but that is from teething and there is apparently no getting around that, but it went away so quick I didn't even have time to worry about it. I enjoy seeing her in the cute diapers and she goes without clothes more often because of it (which she loves!)

365 Project/Day 6 "LAUGH"


So today's blog is about my friends again, but this time it's about our kids and the way they make us laugh.

Monday, April 04, 2011

365 Project/Day 5 "PASSION"


Everyone has a passion. Have you ever thought about what that might be?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

365 Project/Day 4 "EYES"


Here are some eyes that can see into
your soul.

Friday, April 01, 2011

365 Project/Day 3 "FRIENDS"


I have some friends that changed my life!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Project/Day 2 "BEAUTY"


The title of this one is "beauty", because everyone needs to see the beautiful things in life and thank God for them everyday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

365 Project/Day 1 "TRUTH"


This is some truth in my life. I believe that marriage should be forever!!!

Inspiring Photos 365 Project

So, I have been super busy lately with moving back to the states and it has consumed my every moment. I haven't been able to get on my blog and post for a while. And more importantly to me, I haven't been able to learn and grow in my photography.
I had some down time today and while searching for some fun photography inspiration, I came across some 365 photo challenges and I saw the learning experience opportunity. So yes, this is my new mission. I am going to post a new picture everyday for a year.