Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Project/Day 2 "BEAUTY"


The title of this one is "beauty", because everyone needs to see the beautiful things in life and thank God for them everyday.
My beauty is my lovely daughter. I think is so precious and God has blessed me with her and the love she shares.
So, It's day two and I thought about doing several things, but being a mom always comes first and I couldn't go and do the ideas because my little one hasn't been feeling so well. So to make up for not being able to let me go out, she posed for me. I love when she is my subject. She is so willing to smile and just move around like a real model does. I love being able to dress her up and let her do her own thing, while I shoot around her. The faces she makes are priceless though. she is truly the love of my life (besides my husband of course).
This is her new dress that she wanted to show off to everyone. She hopes you like it.
Canon Rebel T1i/ 50mm 1.4f 1/180


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