Monday, September 13, 2010

Update: Cloth Diapers

So, as you may have read we didn't start with cloth from day one... but now that we are into cloth, I wouldn't change it for anything. I absolutely love cloth diapers. My diaper of choice is Bum Genius. She loves them too. We did realize at night though that she is a heavier wetter (plus we don't change her as often) so we use Thirsties during the night.


Okay so I know it's been a while, but with good reason. I have a baby now that takes up so much of my time. I was thinking about time today and how people use it or misuse it. I have never really been one for good usage of time. I tend to sleep all day and go to bed super late, which in turn makes me get up late... oh, the vicious cycle. I have tried to go to bed early, but then when I get up early I take a nap in the middle of my day inevitably sending me back into the same pattern of going to bed late.