Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting Back to the Beginning

Well as we all know and have read, there is someone doing more, being more, and creating more! Don't you just hate them? I have been focused on the wrong person for so long that I had forgotten what started this passion and drive. I wanted to be good enough to capture my kids and not hate the quality of the photo 15 years from now. I wanted to expand my photography skills and maybe work with some precious newborns. Which brings me to my point. Sam has always been in love with wedding Photography and all the aspects of it, but my fear always held me back from weddings. I have come to discover that as much as he loves weddings, I love newborns! Don't get me wrong I would love to be there and help out with weddings and if need be I can throw down just as much as the rest of them. I also really prefer the engagement sessions, but I was drawn into photography by newborns. Their little toes and fingers. The way they can bend every way. The precious moments that will never return! I love all things newborn and I have decided that I want to focus our brand on wedding and Newborn photography.
It feels good to have one aspect of my dream start to take form and thanks to Jasmine Star, the whole 'follow your dream' (although not a new concept) was put into perspective and made to shine a light where it needed to shine in my life.
I mean who wouldn't love to work with little faces like these...

Or such cute poses...

It's hard to change something, but I know God blesses a willing and trying heart, and therefore I know as long as He gets glorified by all this then that's all that matters!