Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Photo Shoot

So I have been doing more of my photography, and I forget how much I love it, until I do another one. I love being able to see the outcome of such impossible shots. They make me smile. I think this is where my passion is and I am just glad I figured it out so early.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Update: Cloth Diapers

So, as you may have read we didn't start with cloth from day one... but now that we are into cloth, I wouldn't change it for anything. I absolutely love cloth diapers. My diaper of choice is Bum Genius. She loves them too. We did realize at night though that she is a heavier wetter (plus we don't change her as often) so we use Thirsties during the night.


Okay so I know it's been a while, but with good reason. I have a baby now that takes up so much of my time. I was thinking about time today and how people use it or misuse it. I have never really been one for good usage of time. I tend to sleep all day and go to bed super late, which in turn makes me get up late... oh, the vicious cycle. I have tried to go to bed early, but then when I get up early I take a nap in the middle of my day inevitably sending me back into the same pattern of going to bed late.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Babies and Diapers

So I haven't posted for a while and I have good reason... Our little angel was born on 9 July. Things have been a little more hectic since then. We are doing great and adjusting to parenthood pretty easily so far. When we started collecting stuff from others for her nursery (I like hand-me-downs) I ended up getting disposable diapers from friends who's kids had outgrown them already. So we had about a pack and a half of newborn disposable diapers. I decided that to make things easier on us in the first weeks that we would use those until they were gone and move into cloth afterwards.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Maternity shoot and False alarms

I have never wanted to be that woman who goes screaming to the hospital every week leading up to the due date, but so far I have been. My husband and I went in to L&D this morning at 3am because my timed contractions were 3-5 min apart, but I wasn't any more dilated than I was last week, when I went in because I thought my water had broken. I seriously hate not knowing when she is coming and having to just sit around and wait for things to get worse. We still have a camping trip that we are planning in 2 days and now I just hope we get through that without her coming, because I don't want to be an hour away from the hospital and have to rush back. I know she may not come early. She may even come really late, but for the most part I just want her to come.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Beautiful Creations & Photographed Memories

I am finding that photography is one thing I love to return to. I don't have any real experience with it, but I love doing it, and I have had my share of 'lesson's learned'. I am trying to get into newborn photography. More so for myself and my little one on the way, but if I could make it a long term thing, then that would be wonderful.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Coming Home...

Well, I haven't written in a couple of days, because I have been spending time with my husband, who just got back from a deployment. He is finally home after 6 months of being gone. Just before left we found out that I was pregnant with out first child. I was only 7 weeks when he left, so he hasn't gotten to see me grow, but he is now home and I am 8 months along. So we got video of him seeing me for the first time with a belly. It's priceless. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Coupons... worth it?

I have found that saving money is wonderful (not a new concept, but just felt the feeling of joy). I mean I have heard about the hype and known that saving money is better than spending, but it wasn't until I started doing it, that it actually makes you happy. Like giddy feeling and everything. I know to those of you who have been doing it for a while are like "duh", but to those of us who were skeptics I can now say the numbness from cutting coupons is worth it! Finding the deals where you can is awesome. Now I know some people who are still skeptics are saying "if you start cutting coupons you don't save money when you end up buying things you wouldn't normally buy if it weren't for the coupon." I said the same thing, but then I really evaluated whether the item was something i never purchase or something that might be a different brand of what I do get.

First Steps (crafts)

First attempt...

This is the first blanket I have ever made. I saw similar blankets and thought that it looked rather easy to assemble, Boy was I wrong. It took me several attempts to pin the darn thing, and then I had to resew some of the pining. It did end up turning out pretty good, and I am glad, because it's for my new little one on the way. I am sure she wouldn't have minded if it was a disaster, but I would have.

First Steps

So this is my first post... I am pretty excited about this journey. I have lots to say, and now I have my own forum to say it. I am going to try and describe what kind of blog this is going to be for those of you who are wondering. I love to do crafts, like sewing, crocheting, photography, and painting. I just got back into them and have been having fun with them. For the most part I don't consider myself a crafter, or a photographer. I just love doing them as hobbies. If something comes of it then so be it.