Monday, June 21, 2010

Coupons... worth it?

I have found that saving money is wonderful (not a new concept, but just felt the feeling of joy). I mean I have heard about the hype and known that saving money is better than spending, but it wasn't until I started doing it, that it actually makes you happy. Like giddy feeling and everything. I know to those of you who have been doing it for a while are like "duh", but to those of us who were skeptics I can now say the numbness from cutting coupons is worth it! Finding the deals where you can is awesome. Now I know some people who are still skeptics are saying "if you start cutting coupons you don't save money when you end up buying things you wouldn't normally buy if it weren't for the coupon." I said the same thing, but then I really evaluated whether the item was something i never purchase or something that might be a different brand of what I do get.
Like shampoo, I obviously buy shampoo, but do I have to have that kind that is expensive (when studies show that expense doesn't make it better for your hair) or can I get the one on sale with my coupon?! I think it's worth trying a new brand when you only have to pay a couple of dollars for it as oppose to $5-$10.
I also have been noticing bargains elsewhere also. I am a big fabric lover, but if you go to certain sites they can get pretty expensive to buy, So I was directed to a co-op, and have been saving tons. I find myself choosing the ones I would buy online anyway, and passing on the ones that just seem like a great deal (because I don't have a project for them). If I can think of something to with it I will get it.

So in the adventure of couponing, and fabric buying I have still been saving money. I like to be able to say that things are worth my time, and cutting the coupons out is a small 'price to pay' when you think of all the things you do with the saved money!


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