Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Photo Shoot

So I have been doing more of my photography, and I forget how much I love it, until I do another one. I love being able to see the outcome of such impossible shots. They make me smile. I think this is where my passion is and I am just glad I figured it out so early.

She loves to laugh and was incredibly happy during this shoot.

This outfit was given to me by the creator, it was pretty much a trade for services. She wanted some photos of her product and I wanted it for Sydie to have for halloween.

This is a cliche shot, but it's harder to accomplish than it looks. I am just glad she was cooperative to help me out.
I am in love with this last one because she is so smoshie in the pic and I love how the lighting was.
I didn't get a background shot or a pull back shot, but the french doors were behind me and I laid the blanket over my ottoman. I think it might be time to invest in some actual photography props.

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