Sunday, July 04, 2010

Beautiful Creations & Photographed Memories

I am finding that photography is one thing I love to return to. I don't have any real experience with it, but I love doing it, and I have had my share of 'lesson's learned'. I am trying to get into newborn photography. More so for myself and my little one on the way, but if I could make it a long term thing, then that would be wonderful.
I have some friends who take photos too, and I fell in love with some of her props, so when she introduced me to the person who makes them, I jumped on that. I had the lady make me several things that turned out AMAZING. I love her work. They are fresh, and feel so wonderful. I just can't wait to have my little one to try them out now.

I have been looking into things that might be something I can do and still be a stay-at-home-mom. I love the idea of being with my kids most of the day, but still having a 'career'. I don't know if it will pan out, but we will just have to see how well I do with my little one, and by trial and error, I am bound to get some good photos to throw into my portfolio at some point.

Here are some of the things that my friend made for me... She is still making more!

(photo credit Kikki's Designs)

Every time someone comes over, I just have to show off what she sent. I can be creative sometimes, but I know I can't knit. I can only crochet a straight line (and sometimes that is in question). I love sewing and making blankets for my sessions, but for the most part I am always looking for things that I can't make myself. I want to be able to share them with others.
When I get the photos taken of my little one, I will post them so everyone can see the beauty of her work.


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