Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For the love of Pinterest...

So lately I have been quite addicted to Pinterest and have found some wonderful ideas and things on there that make me want to be more crafty. 
Ideas for Syd's room and for the new nursery. It's exciting that people have created a site that allows everyone to share some great creative ideas, so to help continue that helpful attitude I thought I might share one way I help maintain order in a rather unconventional way. I am an organizer at heart, but with a little one running around and another on the way, my organizing tasks have gone by the wayside.
One thing I did get to accomplish before madness ensued in our house was to organize Sydie's closet. 
We as mom's know that putting together the closet is a daily task and can sometimes be the last thing on our minds. Well my husband, bless his heart, wanted to help me in any way he could, so he decided he was going to dress our daughter whenever he was home to help me out and be more involved. As wonderful as we all know that sounds, we as women know that the task wasn't going to be completed unless we did it ourselves. Not that he couldn't dress her, but the person that puts away the clothes is the person that knows what the outfit looks like and what it's suppose to go with. 
Even with the constant reminders that certain pants went with certain top or that all the dresses had bloomers, it never failed that I would still end up fixing the job. So to aliviate some of my frustration and to help him know that he isn't as incompetent as I make him feel, I came up with a solution that would work for both of us. I knew we didn't have a big enough dresser to separate all her clothes according to outfits, but we had plenty of closet space. 

So I went to an office store and bought some name tag holders and put them on the hangers. 

(any hanger will work, because it goes on the hook part) so I fastened the button side to the hook part of the hanger and had the clip part hang down towards the floor... 
It works great with outfits and dresses that have bloomers. It also is wonderful to not have to tell my husband (or anyone who changes our daughter) where the pieces are that make up the outfit. Hope this helps moms figure out just what to do with those loose outfits and organize that baby's room just a little bit more.


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