Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Organized...

The Organizer (okay, maybe not)...

Well, we all know staying organized is an ongoing task, but figuring out how to get organized can help with the sanity. Before my first was born, I knew we needed to get organized and it started a mission.

One area of concern was clothes (yes, I know that is always an area of concern for everyone), but specifically her closet. I found, when she was born, that my husband and I viewed outfits differently. Most kids clothes come as a set or with bloomers, to make parents lives easier. Well, as some women soon realize, if you leave the dressing up to your spouse, they don't know the outfits as well or where they are located in your 'perfectly' organized closet/dresser. 
So, to save my sanity and to help organize things a bit better I realized I needed to keep the outfits together, but that was easier said than done. I ran into a couple problems. 1. I didn't have enough space in her dresser and 2. even putting them together in the dresser my husband would still grab and go.
So to alleviate some of the frustration I came up with the idea to put them together on a hanger. I knew I needed something like a small clip to hang the pants/bloomers from the hanging top. 

So while at an office store, I saw these and immediately got an idea.

These are what my hangers looked like so I snapped them onto the hook. 
(I tried to put them on the bottom of the hanger, but that didn't work with long sleeved shirts. There was no way to get to the hook.)

After hooking them, they may lean, but it doesn't matter.

You put the shirt on the hanger, and clip the pants or bloomers in the clip.

So now, when I send my husband (or really anyone for that matter) into my daughters room to get an outfit for her, they wont have to guess if it has matching pants or if the dress comes with bloomers.

And I just put items that don't have matches in her drawers for when I dress her.
It has made my life that much more simpler now.

I hope you find some use of this, and please feel free to share any organizing tips you may have come up with to make your life easier!


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