Saturday, February 11, 2012

Projects I learned from Pinterest.

So, lately I have been accomplishing so much... and most of them are crafts from pinterest. I love learning how to organize and do fun crafts.

I organized my scarves with rings I had from my old shower rod. This one comes from Julie Ann from Julie Ann Art They started to get really wrinkled while in the basket and being able to hang them is making them look so much better.

I put a piece of fabric (actually it was a black and white fabric, but I wanted gray so I flipped it over) then I wrote on it... I will hopefully get to put some flowers on it eventually. It has already made communicating with my hubby so much fun. The idea comes from Lianna from A Content Housewife

These 'no bake balls' are super easy to make and way good to eat. They are so wonderful. The recipe is from Maggie from Sweet Peas and Carrots. I hope to tweak the recipe to change flavor and maybe get some different outcomes.

These are just a few of the things I learned from pinterest and am having so much fun. I am hoping I will  get more completed projects to be able to post soon.

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